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CV's Bark Mulch The Best Quality Mulch in Framingham, MA

CV's Bark Mulch Trucks in front of the best quality mulch in Framingham, MA

Mulch is only ever as good as the company that makes it — and we strive to deliver only the best quality mulch in Framingham, MA.

Quality mulch doesn't only serve to improve moisture retention, curb appeal, and reduce weeds... High quality, organic mulch breaks down into the soil over time, adding much needed nutrients to the topsoil and substrate that helps plants grow bigger & stronger. Mulch also feeds other organisms in the soil as it decomposes, assisting in the creation of healthy, living soil — which means even healthier plants!

Organic, high quality mulch is the way to go if you want a healthy, productive garden. Inorganic mulches are typically made from petrochemical bases that end up hurting soil health rather than helping.

High Quality Mulch

  • Made from bark
  • No dyes
  • Natural
  • Improves soil health
  • Deters pests

Low Quality Mulch

  • Made from wood
  • Uses artificial dyes
  • Uses fillers & chemicals
  • Hurts soil health
  • Feeds & invites pests

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Great mulch and even better service. I've had mulch delivered to different locations on separate occasions, it was always delivered on time and where I specified. Customer, Igor Lopes